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Is Emma as Dark as her name suggests?

Emma Dark Vampire

Horrify Me has created many vampires. One of the most exciting opportunities I had was when I got the chance to transform Emma Dark into a vampire, something she was alarmingly at home with given her penchant for the macabre. Emma is an established model, actress and film maker with credits on IMDB and industry awards to her name. She's been modelling since 2008 and quickly rose through the ranks, working with highly respected independent boutique designers and photographers on the alternative scene in London and around the UK. Her latest film, Seize the Night, which she produced / directed and acted in, is due release on DVD following a successful run on the festival circuits and earned her the MMBF Rising Star Award. She is due to play the lead role of Laura Kinsey in the dark fantasy short The Morning Star Preserves Company by Abandonhope Films later this year. And I got the chance to photograph this extraordinary lady!

Once I got my makeup box and camera in front of Emma, I turned her into a vampire. But you should know at this stage that MY vampires are not sparkling, heartbroken wimps but wild savage monsters who will rip you to pieces in a moment. You could say I have an "old school" philosophy on the vampiric. They are not human, and they should only engage romantically with humans as a predatory method of luring their prey. Vampires should be deadly, dangerous, and vicious!

Emma's vampire shoot followed a typically vampiric journey from "early evening" to "end of the night". In the early evening, the vampire rises and makes herself beautiful. She is going out "on the pull" so to speak, to hunt for victims, using her sensual beauty and sexuality to attract her next meal. As the evening progresses, she starts to feast on blood, and as she does, the savage vampire that lurks beneath the thin veneer of fake humanity starts to reveal itself. Eventually, the true face of the vampire is shown, in all its disturbing glory. Drunk on the blood of the living, it is closer to a wild animal than a person. A vampire's beauty is superficial and it's real face is one of pure terror.

Emma is a talented actress and so I asked her to work with me on a shot that expressed deep emotion. The idea was to show the tragic curse of vampirism. While us mere mortals may covet the power and immortality of these creatures, they must surely suffer their existence. Having to hide away from sunlight every day, and then having to murder humans every night, endlessly, for who-knows how many centuries, must take its toll on these sensitive beings ( I say "sensitive beings" because unlike zombies, vampires can suffer deep loneliness and heartbreak). It must be a thankless, dull existence. The thrill of the hunt must surely wear off and the endless cycle of sleeping and killing cannot be a pleasant cycle. As Armand tells Louis in Anne Rice's excellent Interview with a Vampire, "Most vampires do not have the stamina for immortality".

You can learn more about Emma Dark and follow her exciting work on www.emmadark.com, and hunt her down on Facebook and Twitter.

Emma Dark Emma Dark Emma Dark

See the whole Emma Dark shoot here

Thanks for reading folks. Keep loving horror :)

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