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Scarlett Stinklebone
A classic Halloween Witch

The Witch

Modern Halloween is a real mash-up of traditions. I don’t intend to delve into the history of the season but suffice to say it’s a weird blend of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, All Soul’s Day, All-Hallowmas, and (obviously) American consumerism! Today it’s an excuse to dress up as a horror character and go to parties or to send your kids on trick or treat missions for sweets. It’s a lot of fun and, for fanatics like me, it’s better than Christmas!

I usually do a big shoot for Halloween as a treat for myself, and one year I decided to create a very traditional Halloween witch. She wasn’t based on any sort of “real” witchcraft, but the basic wicked hag with a pointy hat and a broom. I was lucky enough to find Emma Macdonald (known in the model world as Dee). She was prepared to tolerate the makeup I had in mind. You see, nothing is ever straightforward at Horrify Me. You’d think a Halloween witch would consist of a cape, a pointy hat, and a bit of makeup, but that’s way too simple. I had designed my witch to have a full body paint with grey, cracked skin and an assortment of weird body symbols. She would have a face makeup straight out of the Evil Dead, and wear jewellery fashioned by hand using nothing but bits of rock and bone. And her “broom” was made from branches and sticks found in the local woods, all tied with a piece of fabric ripped from her robe. I even gave her a name: Scarlett Stinklebone.

Halloween Witch Halloween Witch

I love using dead leaves to generate a proper Autumn feel in some of my shoots. I always go out and bag them up, and then tip them all over my studio floor. Loads of them! It does create a nightmare clean-up afterwards but it’s worth it. My witch had dead autumn leaves, pumpkins, and weird blue light in the background. The shoot did escalate from a simple witch shoot into a bizarre sacrifice (I let the witch kill my wife) and a cannibalistic blood ritual. Like I said, nothing is ever straightforward at Horrify Me. Even the most traditional Halloween witch gets sick and twisted in my studio!

Makeup and costume - Rick Jones
Photography, lighting, editing - Rick Jones
Model - Emma Macdonald (Dee)

Halloween Witch

Ms. Stinklebone had a bit of a thing for Wagon Wheels!

The Mummy Halloween Witch Halloween Witch

Thanks for reading folks. Keep loving horror :)

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