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Lady Pinhead
Erotic Cenobite by Horrify Me

She has such sights to show you...
Female Pinhead Hellraiser

When I was contacted by a model named Liz who adores Hellraiser (particularly Pinhead) and asked if I could transform her into a female version of the classic character, what else could I say? Of course! It's what I do. Liz has been in many varied photo shoots throughout her model career but the one shoot she has always wanted to do above all others was Pinhead. She even said it was her ultimate "dream shoot". Hmmm. No pressure then.

Liz had a cool assortment of strange leather and latex costume items suitable for the shoot. She wanted to introduce an erotic element to the theme, so she selected a latex piece that allowed her breasts to be exposed. Demons are renowned for their techniques of seduction and temptation so it made sense in the context of the character, even if it was a bit of a departure from the film. It certainly made the images more erotic and slightly confrontational.

As you can imagine, the make up process was huge. It took me around six hours to transform Liz's head of fine long hair into a pale bald freak divided into grids and embellished with over 200 pins. She sat with incredible patience!

The original Hellraiser is a pretty old film now, around 30 years or so, and yet the popularity of the Cenobites hasn't faded one bit. There is definitely something about them. Perhaps it's their weird S&M festishwear, or the creative forms of self-harm and mutilation that compels us to fear them. As figures of hellish torture who seek the ultimate pleasure via the route of ultimate suffering and pain, they remain provocative and fascinating.

Lady Pinhead Lady Pinhead Lady Pinhead

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Thanks for reading folks. Keep loving horror :)

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