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Horrify Me is a truly groundbreaking portrait photography studio, that has been pioneering the concept of the "horror portrait" since 2014. I transform people into zombies, vampires, demons, and other iconic horror characters and then shoot atmospheric portraits. This unusual and innovative service operates to an artistic level which means that the horror portraits are created to a high degree of movie-like realism and sophistication.

Horrify Me is an award winning photography service that has won accolades and awards including a National Photography Award (Creative Image Award), SCAR Award (Excellence in Design and Creativity), Alt Fashion Photographer of the Year (two years running), and iHorror creative photography finalist. My work has been published all over the world in various magazines, books, media websites and blogs, and has been featured on TV (BBC One Show, and the documentary UK Haunters).

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About the Artist


After studying fine art and design, Rick began a creative career that has spanned his entire working life. Working primarily in graphic design and commercial graphics production for vehicle graphics and advertising hoardings, he has also had plenty of experience working with book authors, magazine editors, and ad agencies. Rick has also been a hardcore fan of horror since childhood. A chance opportunity came to him back in 2013 to create a book cover for an author (something he had done many times before), but this book was a horror novel. Writer Lisa Richardson's hugely successful BLOG OF THE DEAD series of books needed covers and Rick was known as "that design guy who loves horror". This was the first time his professional creative skills met his passion for horror and almost by accident, HORRIFY ME was born! Since then, HORRIFY ME has grown into an unusual success thanks mainly to Rick's pure love for the work he does and his lifetime of creative working experience and horror knowledge. The macabre horror photos he creates have been published all over the world in numerous magazines, appeared on many book covers, been used to promote scare attractions, and even appeared in national press. Rick's work is followed online by genuine luminaries of the horror craft including Tom Savini, Clive Barker, and Tom Holland, but what makes him even more proud is the fact that many young students follow and study his work as a source of inspiration and learning. There are no educational course that teach you horror photography - Rick's groundbreaking work has been the result of tireless trial and error, and he has developed some unorthodox techniques in the photography studio which result in his unique style.

The Horrify Me book is the result of years of work, refining makeup, lighting, and photography techniques to create breathtaking horror portraits which have been collected into this sumptuous volume of artworks.

Horrify Me Book

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