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Preparing for a HORROR BEAUTY / BOUDOIR Photoshoot
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Horror Beauty and Boudoir
Sexy... and very scary!
Some of our most incredible images emerge from scary beauty shoots. Blending glamour, bourdoir, and beauty styles with horrific gore and terrifying themes produces some truly jaw-dropping results.

• Boudoir photography has become a very popular type of feminine portraiture based on attractive intimate poses and garments, such as sexy underwear, lingerie, nightwear, and even nude. The shots are very flattering and usually have a touch of romance, sensuality, or slightly naughty poses. However, this version of boudoir beauty photography has a delicious, morbid twist: You will also be covered in gore!

• This outstanding blend of beauty and horror creates some of the most visually arresting portraits you will ever see.

• You will be directed by the photographer into a series of flattering, sexy, and slightly scary poses.

• This is a very creative and confidence-boosting photo shoot experience.

• Maximum x2 people.
You may choose any one of these options for your sexy, scary photoshoot.

Bloody Boudoir Blood & Boudoir
This is a sensational boudoir style beauty shoot that includes plenty of blood and gore. You can relish in a bloody fantasy or wear fangs and become a sexy vampire queen.
Demonic Boudoir Demonic Boudoir
The most demented beauty shoot you will ever experience! This shoot follows all the usual techniques of boudoir and beauty except you will be horrific, demonic, and evil throughout.
Extreme Bloody Nudes Extreme Blood Nude
This shoot won't be for everyone as it requires nerves of steel to stand nude wearing nothing but blood. Please don't under-estimate the amount of blood we use - you will literally be covered in it from head to feet. Our unusual techniques of blood and lighting make these images incredibly flattering and sexy.
Freddy Girl Freddy Girl
Imagine a beautiful boudoir shoot, except your face will be burned and your hand will be embelished with a deadly razor glove. You can be the girl of Freddy's dreams in this highly unusual shoot.
Joker Girls Joker Girl
Pay tribute to the deadliest villain of them all by wearing the face of the Joker in a remarkable boudoir style shoot. Our Joker Girls are lethal, dangerous, and weirdly sexy! Joker can be substituted for Harley Quinn if you prefer.
Others • Others
Got your own ideas? Please check for suitability and availability.
Please contact us for a quote.

• Sexy garments, underwear, lingerie, nightwear, corsets etc. Please bring matching sets of underwear rather than odd mis-matching items. Please remember that whatever you wear will get covered in blood and there is the risk of damage to your garments.

• We don't offer beauty makeovers so you will need to bring your own beauty makeup. However if you would like a professional makeup artist to do your makeup then please let us know and we may be able to appoint one for you for an additional fee (subject to availability).

• Feel free to bring any appropriate props if you have any that you would like to use.

• You are very welcome to bring a partner / friend along as a chaperone if you want to.

• Please bring a towel for clean-up at the end.

• Horrify Me will supply all the horror makeup and fake blood, so you will not need to bring any of this.

• Strictly 18 and over only, no exceptions! If you are lucky enough to look younger than your age then please bring proof of age ID. If we have any doubts about your age whatsoever then we simply will not do this shoot.

• You will NEVER be asked to do nude portraits unless you specify that you want to. It is completely optional. We are very strict and careful about how we shoot nudity and we follow a very high ethical standard. This type of photography is done with great care to ensure it remains artistic and expressive. Most people prefer "implied" or "concealed" nudity, so that vital body parts are not visible to the lens. Full exposed nudity is allowed provided the image has a creative purpose, with a sense of context, or follows accepted photography level standards for "art nude" criteria. Under no circumstances will we shoot images that we consider to be gratuitously pornographic - so please don't ask us to.

x1 Person =
only £180.00 including x5 prints
x2 People = only £255.00 including x6 prints
Watch a video of one of our Horror/Beauty Photoshoots...
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Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots
Sexy scary horror beauty shoots

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