About Horrify Me : What it is and how it works

An amazing and unforgettable experience

Horrify Me provides a unique opportunity to experience the creation of very high-end, movie-quality horror photos, in which you will appear as scary as you possibly can be. This is achieved with a combination of camera setup and lighting, horror makeup, fake blood and grime, and just a light touch of expert digital editing.

You will enjoy the whole experience, wearing the horror makeup, doing the insane poses, and even shooting your own weird selfies during the session. The process is incredibly creative and great fun and you will probably spend as much time laughing as you will looking scary!

The experience is not scary! There are no jump scares or scary pranks, we just don't do that here. Instead you will engage in an extremely creative process to achieve an artistic set of horror portraits of yourself.

The whole process is about our incredible, award winning photos which will shock you, delight you, and blow your mind!

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                   Horrify Me - the UK's premier horror portrait photography studio
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