About Horrify Me : What it is and how it works

How it works

Part 1: The makeup


When you arrive, we create your realistic horror makeup.

This process can take a few hours depending on what we are creating, but the process is great fun and the time flies! You are allowed to take selfies and your own behind scenes photos with your phone if you want to.


Part 2: The photoshoot


The photo shoot is amazing fun to do.

You will be guided throughout the whole shoot, and directed into various poses. We create a comprehensive variety of portraits that really make the most of your makeup and explore all kinds of scary ideas with you. If you are doing the shoot with someone else, then we do take plenty of solo shots as well as couple / group shots.


Part 3: The fun!

Behind Scenes

An epic day out!

The shoots are messy, creative, and incredible fun to do. Everybody has a blast doing these shoots and a visit to Horrify Me is one of the most memorable days out you can possibly have. Plus you get a set of amazing horror portraits to keep forever. Tea and coffee breaks can be... interesting!


Part 4: The outcome


The photos will blow your mind!

Our horror portraits are created to a fine art level (rather than "novelty" level). Our photography has won awards and accolades, as well as being published worldwide by many publications, featured in documentaries, and enjoys a great following online. You'll really love your prints!


Terms and conditions of service
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