Rick Jones

About the artist

Rick Jones is a man obsessed.

Like many of his generation, he grew up in the 1970s devouring the Hammer horror double bills that were shown weekly on TV, and in his teens during the 1980s he relished the golden era of horror and video nasties. Censorship was a big deal in the genre back then, and it was the mission of every true horror fan to try and track down uncut copies of dodgy slasher films. Today, his dislike of censorship remains strong and he refuses to compromise his work and he doesn't care if it offends you. His horror portraits are exactly what they should be: Horrific!

Alongside this passion for the macabre, Rick was also an enthusiastic artist with a high creative drive. After studying fine art and design, he began a long career in graphics and design, during which time he created illustrations, images and designs for magazines, book covers, and advertising.

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The creatures that Rick creates in his Kent studio hark back to the films of George A. Romero and Tom Savini. His zombies are disgusting, rotten, and gory, and his vampires are uncompromisingly savage. You won't find any friendly sparkly vampires here! The zombie portraits and vampire portraits created at Horrify Me are designed to scare, shock and delight.

Rick's creativity and his love for horror films have been two dominant forces in his life since childhood. It just seemed inevitable that the two would one day clash and produce work that has since gone on to earn wide recognition and awards. Rick was made to do this work. And he loves it!

Rick shoots his photos mostly in a low key chiaroscuro style, which is a photographic lighting style that has its origins in the paintings of Renaissance painters. This style of lighting became a common technique in film, which you may know today as film noir. It allows the crafting of stark, contrasting, and atmospheric images using light and shadow.

Rick is married to his wife Claire, who is an endless source of support. She puts up with a very weird and crazy life.

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