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The Horrify Me Book
Horrify Me Book Title:
A Collection of Fine Art Horror Portrait Photography

A vast collection of horror makeup and portraits, including zombies, vampires, demons, and other iconic creations.
Limited print run.

A4 size hardback
Full colour
278 pages

Foreword by horror author MATT SHAW

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talks about the Horrify Me book from Pittsburgh



talks about the Horrify Me book from the UK

"Love it. It's bloody disturbing, brutal and titillating. What a huge amount of well done work. Most excellent. This should be a reference book on every makeup artist's shelf."
Tom Savini (Special Effects Makeup Legend)

"A celebration of the genre, the book is jam-packed with gory and gruesome photography of Rick Jones' terrifying original creations, as well as his interpretations of horror icons from Pinhead to Pennywise, Michael Myers and even The Nun. Blood and guts spray off each high quality, glossy page. Jones truly has assembled a must-have coffee table book for horror fans."
Brad Miska,

"The level of gore is intricate. It's brilliantly disgusting, and sensual."
Emily Booth, Horror Channel Presenter and Film Actress

"This book is absolutely stunning, graphic, dark, and disturbingly sensual, in places you have to see it to believe it. Horrify Me is a major talent. It's pure horrific art, this gorgeous coffee table book is a must-buy for any fan of the horror genre."
Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Absolutely bloody amazing book!"
Sara White

"Horrify Me's art book is a beautifully produced piece, documenting a wide range of their work to date. The practical and creative skill shown by the makeup and photography are amazing, but there's also a deep love and respect for the horror genre which is always apparent."
Mark Cobbold

"Believe the hype. This book is awesome."
Fabi Braun

"Great inspirational book."
Amanda Robertson

"A thing of beauty, stunning book with just about every single glorious shoot within its pages!!!"
Lee Basset

"Holy FUCK! This is genuinely fucking AWESOME!"
Rich Powell (Kavity the Clown)

"Finally got my hands on the hefty book by Horrify Me. Great book!"
Matt Shaw (horror author)

"Stunning! One of the best horror books in my collection."
John Appleton

"Best Christmas present this year! I got THE book."
Jemma Thomson

"Such amazing art in this book. I can't stop looking through it."
Katie Giles

"This book is absolutely jammed packed with incredibly shot images from the UK's best horror photographer."
Keith Larkin

"Don't miss out on this book by Horrify Me, it truly is amazing."
Masochistic Machine

"I got the book. It's excellent."
Joshua Strauss

"Could not be more excited to receive my copy of Rick Jones book. Every page is packed with breathtaking art and I'm certain it will be inspirational in my sculpting."
Arkham Studios

"It's super rad! Really amazing stuff in this book. Nice quality."
Jeremy Wright

"I love it. Absolutely first class."
Paul Hunter

"This looked amazing when I saw it advertised onlinde but seeing it in real life just blew my mind. What an achievement."
Carl Baker

"Absolutely incredible work, not one single dull page."
Susan Macintosh

"Where has this book been all my life? When is the next one coming out?"
Charlotte Harper

“I have mine in the sitting room. I can’t pass the thing without picking it up.“
Keith McCoy

"Got my copy recently and I'm so glad I finally ordered it, outstanding work!"
Oliver Joberg

"Absolutely beautiful, scary, gory, and erotic in equal measure. I love it."
Chloe Summers

"Your book is just too inspiring."
Sophie Graham

"Just wow. This is such an amazing book. Beautiful gory scary and sexy."
Megan Kennedy

"Dopest book I've ever seen."
Dan Modesitt

"Amazing! Especially the pages I'm on :)"
Pure Horror

"A must-have book for horror and photography fans alike. Full of blood, guts and beauty."
Raven Caistor

"It’s everything and more! Surpassed all expectations - absolute artistry at its finest."
Amanda Harrison

"A gore fest for any horror fan. It’s a must-have!"
Patrycja Nowacka

"If you are sat pondering whether to get this book or not then what are you actually doing with your life? The attention to detail, the amount of blood this dude has gotten through! What a sicko, it’s beautiful. A must have!"
Megan Biffin

"The best book I've bought this year."
Oliver Joberg

"This book is amazing, we love it."
Tanny Lewis

"Your book is amazingly detailed, I find it very powerful."
Rey Fear

"This is easily my new favourite horror book. The photos look so incredible in print. Horrify Me is a studio full of genius and fearless creativity."
Deborah Avery

"Love it. Highly recommended to anyone interested in SFX, horror, photography and art."
Darren Rowley

"A very nice well put together book filled with awesome artwork. A must for any horror fan."
John Roots

"Your book is incredible. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration and elite horror art."
Liam Monohan

"This book is so fucking metal. Dude you are a legend."
Graham Stickler


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