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"If you are a fan of my work then you are gonna love this book."
Tom Savini (Special Effects Makeup Legend)
"Your book is fantastic! I love it. What a great concept and the book is beautiful."
Howard Berger (Special Effects Makeup Legend)
"Thank you Rick and the dream girl Models for Horrify Me. Absolutely love that something so fearless and cheeky exists!"
Jen & Sylvia Soska (Film Directors)
"This collection of photos is the ultimate expression of its own genre of Erotica Horror. Bravo!"
Linnea Quigley (Film Actress)
"Holy hell it is incredible. Really blown away by not only the photos but the quality of the book itself."
Grimm Life Collective
"The pictures on the internet do this book no justice at all. This really is a thing of unbelievable beauty."
Carl Evans
"Well done to the incredibly talented Horrify Me. This book is magnificent."
Vicky Hunt
"This book won’t be for everyone and is certainly not for the faint-hearted – but for the rest of us, this is a glorious treat of blood, gore, sex, and horror! Portraits of Horror: A Collection of Artistic Horror Portrait Photography is a beautifully presented new hardback photo art book from Rick Jones at Horrify Me. It features 288 full-colour pages of horror portraits including, zombies, vampires, demons, aliens, and other iconic creations. This book is pretty graphic, and it’s definitely worthy of an 18+ classification for it’s bloody gore, it’s brutal and horrific content, and of course it’s nudity. It is testimony to the amazing makeup, models, costumes, props, lighting, and Rick Jones’ masterful photography and design that truly bring these horrific creations to life. We absolutely loved this book, and it deserves a place in every horror movie fan’s art book collection. We would recommend keeping Portraits of Horror off the coffee table and safely out of the reach of children!"
"Raw talent. Period. Rick Jones is top tier when it comes to the world of horror and special effects. I've known Rick for a little time, but in honesty, it feels like an eternity. As an SFX creator myself, Rick has inspired not only me, but counterparts alike. Each page of his book is a visceral introduction into the talent he possesses. From the models, the skill, and the cinematography, there is no skimping here. Horrify Me is in a league of its own. Where horror can have a tendancy to stagnate, his work blissfully and brutally cuts through the rough like a diamond! If you are a fan of horror, special effects, art and modeling, this book encapsulates it all. Down to the slightest details, nook and cranny... There is nothing Rick Jones and Horrify Me cannot accomplish. Portraits of Horror is a true horrific masterpiece. Excellent. Remarkable. Inspiring."
Cory DeAn Cowley
"A superb collection of horrific creations. This book should appeal to every horror fan. Filled to the brim with incredible images, ranging from classic horror to unique creations both sexy and groteque, this book is a true showcase of SFX creations and a celebration of horror. If you consider yourself to be a horror fan then this book should already be on your shelf."
Georgia Tooley
"The new Horrify Me book is insane, beautiful, gory, and sexy as hell. Go buy it. NOW!"
Carl Macintosh
"Got my book today. Amazing and inspirational. Thanks!"
Peter 'Malkira' Lennnox
"OMG what a treat this book is. Nobody does it better than Horrify Me. This book is STUNNING! Honestly there is nothing else like it."
Millie Nicholson
"Holy shit guys how did you even do this? It's amazing!"
Aaron Walker
"This is the best book I have bought this year. Obsessed with every single page. The talent inside this book is insane."
Amy Elsie
"Best ever... bar none! Great stuff Rick."
Graeme Scott
"Such an outstanding work of art. The selection, quality, and variety of the work exhibited is unbelievable. If you haven't yet, do yourself a favour and buy a copy! The online pictures do not do the real pages justice. The print is absolutely breathtaking."
Elena Black
"Got mine today and honestly it's a masterpiece of horror."
Cristiano Dior
"Woo Hoo Rick. Your unique, juicy, provocative, beautiful tome arrived today and now taking pride of place in my tomb. Cementing your reputation with those in the know and giving the willies to everyone else! Luv it. Thank you."
Rob Davies
"So my copy arrived and I am blowm away by the creativeness and artistic vision in every photo. I LOVE this book."
Kevin Rockhead
"I've got mine! And it's frikkin STUNNING!"
Emma Maxwell
"Rick. You’ve outdone yourself!!! The work is amazing. I can’t wait to see how much you and your work grow. Thank you for making horror raw, beautiful, visceral and real."
Roy Bottiggi
"Man it's awesome I love it. Seriously I am obsessed with your work!"
Josiah Lewis
"Wow, what an amazing book. Pictures are crystal clear and so detailed. Really happy with it, thank you."
Noah Koenig
"I just got the book and I must say it's absolutely amazing! I love it! Top Quality!"
Antonio Scalas
"I'm an avid collector of gothic and horror art books so I was incredibly excited to get my claws on Portraits of Horror, and it didn't disappoint. It is a beautiful book and a must-have for any horror art collection. There is something for everyone; gothic and atmospheric vampires, terrifying monsters, and all the blood and gore you crave. Buy it!"
Louise / Batica Moomin
"The new book from Horrify Me is out and hot damn it's better than the first. Packed full of astonishing images, talk about hardcore FX and you have to be talking about this book. The powerful images that Rick captures practically leap off the page. If you're a fan of horror art then buy this book, become one of Horrify Me's gorehounds - it's the most fun you will ever have."
Jemma Thompson
"Every time I turned the page there was another amazing visual treat there to greet my eyes. EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Absolutely outstanding work well done Horrify Me."
Rob Miles
"The book came today and looks amazing!"
Mark Cobbold
"The book is simply gore-geous, the level of effort and talent is staggering."
"Wow! Received the book today and it is AMAZING! Excellent Work Rick."
Dave Jackson
"Over the moon with this, could not be happier!"
Shaun Renwick
"Wow! Every single photo is a masterpiece."
Carly Bell
"A beautifully produced book. I am extremely impressed."
Roger McDonald
"The book is absolutely beautiful. It's taking pride of place in the studio. We can confirm it is of the highest quality, and the print and content is amazing! Well done Horrify Me on such an epic collection of work. Rick really is the horror photography master!"
Jodie Lingard, Dover Media Group
"Such a beautiful book. An impressive body of work. You deserve to be proud of this."
Ant Allen
"Dude there's some serious shit in this book. This really is a fearlessly horrific art book not for wimps or the easily offended. Easily the best book of its kind."
Keith B.
"What a beautiful, imaginative book."
Kelly Finn
"The quality of the photos and all of the effort that has been put into this book is amazing!!"
Felix Grippo
"I received the book and everything about it is magnificent. I can’t wait to display it on my coffee table!"
Ivy Hart Valo
"Got the book and it's truly FANTASTIC - thanks so much for doing terrific work."
Dustin Schimp
"Thank you so much the book is AMAZING!!!"
Jeff Wills
"My book came in yesterday (Virginia, USA) and it's incredible. I was blown away. Thank you for such an awesome project!!!!"
Starling Ridgeway
"Absolutely in love with this book."
Lilith May
"It really is a gorgeous book. You've produced some stunning work here! I'm thrilled to have it."
Remo Luigi Arts
"Magnificent. You really are an amazing talent."
Catherine Alexander
"A horror fan's wildest dreams come true, Portraits of Horror showcases the amazing talents of Rick Jones and the Horrify Me crew. Featuring top notch special makeup effects and film quality photos, Horrify Me has created a unique look at the genre."
Joe Tarango
"Thank you! The book is absolutely amazing. Best photography book I have ever seen, the photos blew my mind."
Troy G
"This book is just awesome!"
Spase Tattoos
"Horrify Me has a fantastic book out, perfect for the horror-obsessed haha!"
Zara Clark
"Absolutely delicious masterpiece showcasing the finest horror photography in the business by Horrify Me. Every single page delights, surprises, and definitely tickles your horror pickles. I strongly recommend you grab yourself a copy, it is truly HOT!"
Mike Butler
"This is beyond my expectations! The book is a work of art. Glorious, terrifying, gory, work of art."
Black Sheep Meow
"This book is a MUST BUY, it is filled with amazing horror photography."
Carly Shelby
"I just got my copy of Portraits of Horror. It's fantastic, worth every penny. Buy it now, you won't regret it."
Darius Frost
"Absolutely phenomenal horror book featuring the beautiful work of Horrify Me. Even more jaw dropping in person."
James Howgate
"I got the book! It's magnificent. Thank you once again! The book is terrifying!"
Zsolt Barnabás
"The book is AWESOME!"
Nikos Zacharia
"I got your book and I LOVE IT!!!"
Ryan Guiterman
"This book is definitely a new prized possession."
Cassia Blood Brat
"I love it so much."
Jade Emilie
"Just received my copy of the book, what can I say? Absolutely amazing book, your photography is just brilliant, no other words to describe it."
"What an amazing book this is."
Inky Rach
"I saw this on Instagram and thought it looked pretty cool but once I had it in my hands, calling it pretty cool feels ridiculous. This book is a fucking masterpiece of horror art."
"Portraits of Horror book by Horrify Me just arrived and it is far beyond awesome. The incredible work and dedication to creating fantastic horror portraits for people is a wonder to behold. A hardback book crammed full of horrific photos of vampires, demons, zombies etc. High quality pages, full bloody colour. Genius idea to create personalised horror portraits. Such a high level of detail and staging, sets, costumes etc. Rick Jones creative team do a fantastic job and I cannot praise him enough. If you are a fan of horror and FX you will not be sorry you bought it."
John Knight
"Got my copy. Absolutely phenomenal."
"Had to get this AMAZING book from Horrify Me. Go check it out, it's amazing."
"Your book is sensational."
Richard Bell
"I recently bought this book and was blown away with the quality of the images."
"This is Hollywood movie quality makeup and FX! A MUST have for any avid horror fan."
Brett Biroartist
"Such exceptional photography and production. Defnitely not for the squeamish! Highly recommended."
Frederick Cooper
"Just got my book and I absolutely love it."
Williams Tattoos
"Brilliant. I just got your new book. Absolutely stunning."
"If you are a horror fan and don't already own this, well you NEED it in your life bithces! Portraits of Horror by Horrify Me is BLOODY AWESOME. Every page, every photo, every deasign. Beautiful, bloody and glorious."
Remo Luigi Arts
"Your book is utterly incredible and the design work is great. I love that you are brave enough to include every type of horror and fantasy style. You should be very proud of this."
Bobby Fire
"It's brilliant. The shots, make up, and artistry is all top notch. Keep up the great work."
Neil Hogg

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