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Some stories from our horror photography studio

1980s Horror

Made in the 1980s

• Horrify Me and the deep connection to 1980s horror.

• Influences and inspirations.

Tattoos and Fan Art

Tattoos & Fan Art

• Horrify Me continues to inspire artists all over the world.

• See hundreds of tattoos based on our photos.

• See various fan art reproductions.

1980s Horror


• My creative horror obsession.

• A view of my extensive collection of horror goods.

• Exploring how I made and painted many of the display pieces.

ScareCON 2016

Award Winning Service

• Learn about the awards and accolades won by Horrify Me.

Top 100 Lists

Top 100 Lists

• Explore our vast photo database! View lists of Top 100 photos from various shoots.

Famous Comments

Famous Comments

• Sometimes famous horror legends leave comments about Horrify Me work.

Valak the Demon Nun from The Conjuring 2

The Iconic Valak Portrait

• Horrify Me created a portrait based on Valak the evil nun which became iconic.

• See its use in many hundreds of tattoos.

• Learn how this photo went viral and took on a life of its own.

Zombies Feature


• A feature about zombies in film culture and where they originated.

• Horrify Me's top 10 zombie films of all time.

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead Tribute Shoot

• Read about Horrify Me's Dawn of the Dead tribute shoot.

Horrify Me Logo

The Horrify Me Logo

• Read about Horrify Me's logo and the backstory behind its creation.

Horrify Me book

The Horrify Me Book

• Discover the reason why so many people love the Horrify Me book and what led to its creation.

• See the video endorsements by Tom Savini and Emily Booth.

• Read buyer reviews.

• Order your own copy.


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