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Evil Apostle BW
Holy Communion BW
Kid of the Dead BW
Savage BW
See My Chopper BW
So Loopy BW
Wooooo BW
Predator in the Shadows BW
The Ancient Menace BW
Vampiric Excess BW
For the Love of Blood BW
Wild Thing - BW
Darkness BW
Waking the Witch BW
Creature of the Night BW
Haunted Child BW
Fear and Loathing BW
Intimacy BW
It Must Be Kill O Clock BW
Just One Bad Day BW
Femme Fatale BW
Ancient and Cursed - BW
I Horrify You BW
Seriously Vamp BW
Devora by Keith Larkin BW
Devora by Keith Larkin BW
Forgotten Faythe by Horrify Me BW
Forgotten Faythe by Horrify Me BW
Ghostly Pirate by Raven-Cheyenne Caistor BW
Forever Dreaming BW
Dark Arrives BW
Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw
Your Fate is Me BW
In the Dark BW
Ancient Vampyre BW
Lamentations BW
Lost Soul BW
Candle Light BW
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