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Deadly Duo
Eye Spy
Flesh Eater
Fresh Kill
Hunger Pains
Hungry Instincts
No Vegetarians Here
Out for a Meal
Raw meat
Screams of the Dead
Sequins and Blood
Shoulder Joint
Skin Care
The Guy Has Guts
Walker Approaching
Yeah Zombies
Bring it On
Come And Have a Go If You Think You Are Hard Enough
Dead Meat
Deadly Kid
Death Blow
Holding Mummys Hand
Its a Knockout
Just a Flesh Wound
Just A Little Violence
Kid of the Dead
Kid of the Dead BW
Killer Kid
Never Too Young to Eat Brains
Round One Ding Ding
See You in the Ring
Short n Scary
Smack in the Chops
You Should See the Other Guy
Zombie Chops
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