Preparing for a BEAUTY / BOUDOIR Photoshoot
Dark Boudoir

Dark, mysterious, and beautiful

Horrify Me's "Dark Boudoir" portraits offers a whole range of stunning beauty shoots, from classic boudoir poses to underwear shoots, art nude, and our breath-taking "Edge Lit" body scapes.

About this shoot

Why do we offer this shoot option? Quite simply, the dark, atmospheric lighing that we use in our horror shoots provides a particularly stunning set up for our Dark Boudoir style. We carry out a lot of mildly erotic and artistic nude horror shoots alread, so it makes perfect sense to offer this option too.

• Boudoir photography has become a very popular type of feminine portraiture based on attractive intimate poses and garments, such as sexy underwear, lingerie, nightwear, and even nude. The shots are very flattering and usually have a touch of romance, sensuality, or slightly naughty poses. Our speciality is Dark Boudoir, in which we photograph you in a dark, creatively lit studio setting, which gives the photos an extra dimension of mystery and otherworldly feminine power.

• You will be directed by the photographer into a series of flattering poses.

• This is a very creative and confidence-boosting photoshoot experience.

• There are quite a few things you can try in our Dark Boudoir shoot. The price is for a single session and a set of print,s but you can try as many of the ideas below as you like in your session. Just let the photographer know.

• Maximum x2 people.

dark boudoir dark boudoir
Dark, mysterious portraits
Beautiful images

Things you need to bring

Sexy garments, underwear, lingerie, nightwear, corsets etc. Please bring matching sets of underwear rather than odd mis-matching items.

Beauty makeup. Horrify Me doesn't provide beauty makeup, we only provide horror makeup. If you require beauty makeup for your shoot then we recommend you apply your own makeup or we can book a professional makeup artist for you, for an additional fee.

Props: Feel free to bring any appropriate props if you have any that you would like to use (optional).

dark boudoir dark boudoir
In the studio
A dark boudoir beauty portrait

Rules on nudity

It is very important you understand our rules about nudity in our photography.

• The Horrify Me studio provides a safe, professional environment to conduct these creative shoots.

• Horrify Me operates to an industry standard level called "art nude". This allows the use of nudity for artistic expression, using the body in creative ways to portray themes and ideas which do not focus only on sex. We do not shoot gratuitous anatomy, close-ups of private parts, or sexual activity.

• You will NEVER be asked to do nude portraits unless you specify that you want to. It is completely optional and your own choice.

• We are very strict and careful about how we shoot nudity and we follow a very high ethical standard. This type of photography is done with great care to ensure it remains artistic and expressive and does not exceed the recognised standards of the "art nude" level of photography.

• Some people prefer "implied" or "concealed" nudity, so that vital body parts are not visible to the lens (for example, hands on breasts to conceal nipples). Full exposed nudity is allowed provided the image has a creative purpose, with a sense of artistic context, or follows accepted photography level standards for "art nude" criteria.

• You may bring a friend or partner as a chaperone if it provides you with extra peace of mind.

• you will not be touched by the photographer during any of these shoots, for any reason.

• Under no circumstances will we shoot images that we consider to be gratuitously pornographic - so please don't ask us to.


The shoot

• You will be guided throughout the shoot and instructed how to pose.



• You can do as many of the following themes as you like in a single shoot session.

• You will do a variety of poses. The shoot will be comprehensive to make the most of your shoot session.

dark boudoir portrait dark boudoir portrait
Dark Boudoir
Classic beauty poses and portraits. Can be done in underwear, lingerie, or nude.
Artistic Black and White
We love artistic black and white photos and often provide photo edits in this style.
dark boudoir portrait dark boudoir portrait
Implied Art Nude
Implied art nude features nude bodies but with the vital body parts concealed.
Art Nude
Art nude uses the nude form to create artistic, elegant portraits.
dark boudoir portrait dark boudoir portrait
Beauty Portraits
Can be done in underwear, lingerie, or nude.
Edge Lit / Body Scape
Can be done in underwear, lingerie, or nude.
dark boudoir portrait dark boudoir portrait
Creative Lighting
Can be done in underwear, lingerie, or nude.
Creative Poses
Can be done in underwear, lingerie, or nude.
Age Limits

Strictly 18 and over only, no exceptions! If you are lucky enough to look younger than your age then please bring proof of age ID. If we have any doubts about your age whatsoever then we simply will not do this shoot.


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