Preparing for an EXORCIST Photoshoot
Exorcist Photo Shoot

Not feeling yourself today?

The ultimate demonic possession portrait - inspired by the legendary movie!

About this shoot

• In this dramatic photoshoot, you will be photographed in your nightgown on a bed, shown in various stages of demonic possession, vomiting green puke, and expressing angry, evil expressions.

• You will be directed by the photographer into terrifying poses which will feature a lot of fake blood and some fake vomit.

• This is a very gory portrait photoshoot in which you will become demonically possessed! The actual shoot is a lot of fun and not scary to do, but the resulting photos are very scary!

Maximum x2 people. A solo shoot will feature you as the possessed individual. A two-person shoot will feature the second person as a priest / victim.

exorcist exorcist
The possession initially looks like a sickness
Demonic puke is gross but fun!

Things you need to bring

A long pale coloured nightgown. Sometimes called a "granny gown". These can be purchased fairly cheaply on Ebay. It's best to use white or pale blue but you can choose different colours if you wish. Just please avoid dark colours or reds or the blood won't show up. If you bring a second person to be a priest or victim then they will need to bring their own clothes / costume, either a priest costume or normal clothes.

• Please keep in mind that whatever clothes or costume you bring may suffer damage or be utterly ruined by the end of the shoot. We use a LOT of blood at Horrify Me!

Props: Feel free to bring any appropriate props if you have any that you would like to use (optional).

Eyes: You may bring your own eye contacts for scary eye effects if you want to (optional). We don't supply contacts.

• Please bring a towel for clean-up at the end.

exorcist exorcist
Possession victim in nightgown
A second person can be a priest / victim

The makeup process

Horrify Me supplies all the horror makeup and fake blood.

• The makeup process is thorough and comprehensive. We don't simply apply a bit of face paint, but use tactile textures and scars. The process can take a few hours.

• Every makeup is different and unique to you! We don't re-use the same pieces on people, instead we create each makeup completely bespoke to suit your own face on the day, so your demonic portrait will be as individual as you.

exorcist makeup exorcist makeup
Applying tactile textures to the skin
A priest / victim gets covered in blood and puke!

The shoot

• You will be guided throughout the shoot and instructed how to pose.

• As the shoot progresses, more blood gets added and the process gets very messy and gory.

• All the makeup and fake blood is completely safe. The blood is sugar-based and fully edible allowing for plenty of drooling, and the fake puke is food-based and completely safe.

exorcist exorcist
You'll be directed through the shoot
Evil possession portrait

Clean up

• At the end of the shoot you can clean up. Everything is harmless but certain parts might pull on your skin like a sticking plaster, or leave small traces of skin glue behind which will need to be washed off.

• You will be able to wash in the studio. Everything comes off pretty easily and you will be able to go home in fairly clean condition, although you might need a shower when you get home.

After the shoot makeup removal
After the shoot is over
Removing makeup is part of the fun

The photos

• Horrify Me conducts very comprehensive portrait shoots to really make the most of your session.

• You will do a variety of poses, either solo or with your priest / victim. There will be evil poses, scary lighting effects, and many scary set ups. The process is great fun and the photos look like real horror movie stills.

exorcist portrait exorcist portrait
Praying won't help
The angry demon
exorcist portrait exorcist portrait
You will look terrifying
Detailed portraiture
exorcist portrait exorcist portrait
Possession is a messy business
Your priest / victim is in for a hard time!
Age Limits

• Age 13 and over only.

If you intend to bring children to this shoot then please read this page.


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