Bringing Kids to Horror Photoshoots

Children can come along to some shoots
Kid zombie

Do you want to bring the kids along to a horror shoot? Some of our shoots are suitable for children, and some are not.


Age limit: Children must be aged 8 or older. No children under 8 years may attend, not even to sit and watch.

Kids look great in horror photos! The process of making horror photos is wild fun, and not scary at all. We want you and your kids to have a great time so please ensure you read this very carefully before deciding whether to bring the little terrors along with you.

Some kids love this stuff. Let's face it, some kids love horror films. I certainly did when I was a kid. Some kids love to engage in creative activities, theatrical performance, scary makeup, and messy fun. At Horrify Me we recognise this and allow children to attend certain shoots.

We keep it age-appropriate. It's blatantly obvious and doesn't need to be said, but we'll say it anyway: If children attend any of our shoots then adult themes (such as eroticism) are strictly prohibited. Some themes, such as vampires, often include "sensual" overtones and "sexy" poses, but these elements are not included if children are in the shoots.

The horror photos are still horrific and gory when kids are in them. With gory horror, we do not hold back! Kids love playing with fake blood, and acting scary. The experience of creating horror photos is not scary in the least, it's just fun, and we keep the atmosphere light and fun throughout, but we do make the photos look gory, scary and horrifying.

It's not for all kids. This is important! Experience has taught us that not all kids enjoy this experience. Kids who love it will get a huge kick out of the shoot, but some kids won't. There have been times where parents have dragged their unwilling kids along, and those kids were simply not into it, which made the whole experience difficult and the child's experience unpleasant. The makeup can be time consuming, the fake blood can get sticky and intense, and the poses can be challenging for some. The whole experience requires patience, and is always best done with kids that love this type of thing. You know your own kids better than anyone else, and you know what they enjoy and don't enjoy. If they don't enjoy this type of experience then they will just have a rotten time, it's that simple. Please use your best judgement when deciding whether to bring your kids along.

Supervision. Without exception, at least one parent or responsible adult must attend the entire session at all times. Quite often kids do the shoots with their parents (for example in zombie family portraits) but some shoots feature just kids in the photos (for example The Ring). If the attending adult is not in the photos then they will be able to sit and watch the whole experience with a cup of tea or coffee.

Consent form. The attending parent / adult must sign a consent form on the day of the shoot. We will not be able to do the shoot without this form being signed.

Hazards. The Horrify Me studio is set in a real workshop and this means hazards exist! The workshop contains makeup products, tools, chemicals, lighting and electrical equipment, and other potential hazards which are unsuitable for young children to play around. We take great care with health and safety and have a perfect safety record but it does also mean we insist that no children below 8 years old may attend, not even to sit and watch, and all attending children must be supervised at all times and kept away from certain areas of the workshop. It just means a few simple, basic rules must be followed, but will ensure that you and your kids have an awesome day out being scary!

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Some of the Horrify Me kids:

Kids Kids Kids Kids
Kids Kids Kids Kids



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