Preparing for a RING Photoshoot
Samara the RING Photo Shoot

You die in seven days...

Sadako Yamamura is the vengeful ghost from the Japanese RING novels. We know her best as Samara in the movies, and she's absolutely bloody terrifying!

About this shoot

• In this dramatic photoshoot, you will be photographed as Samara in a range of unusual poses. We'll attempt to capture you with contorted limbs, and crawling on the floor. Eerie lighting creates a weird supernatural vibe and we make creative use of the character's long hair.

• You will be directed by the photographer into poses which will feature a lot of fake blood.

• This is a particularly good shoot for children (aged 10 or over - see bottom of page) which allows them to engage in some very creative activities. They will NOT be scared by any of the experience.

• Maximum x1 person.

the ring the ring
Samara - The Ring portraits
Children look VERY creepy in this shoot

Things you need to bring

A suitable white dress or long night dress. A Victorian nightgown is often the easiest thing to get for a fairly cheap price on Ebay. You will also need a long black wig which can be purchased reasonably cheaply on Ebay, unless you already have long dark hair. Real long hair always looks better but a wig works just fine.

Preparing the gown. It may be worth sending your gown to us by post well ahead of the shoot so that we can work on it and prepare it for you. Talk to us to discuss this option.

• Please keep in mind that whatever clothes or costume you bring may suffer damage or be utterly ruined by the end of the shoot. We use a LOT of blood at Horrify Me!

Props: Feel free to bring any appropriate props if you have any that you would like to use (optional).

Eyes: You may bring your own eye contacts for scary eye effects if you want to (optional). We don't supply contacts.

• Please bring a towel for clean-up at the end.

the ring clothes the ring clothes
Pre-prepared gown
A terrifying character to portray

The makeup process

Horrify Me supplies all the horror makeup and fake blood.

• The makeup process is thorough and comprehensive. We apply tactile skin textures and professional face paints. The process can take a few hours.

• Every makeup is different and unique to you! We don't re-use the same pieces on people, instead we create each makeup completely bespoke to suit your own face on the day, so your Ring portrait will be as individual as you.

the ring makeup the ring makeup
Applying tactile textures to the skin
Painting the makeup pieces

The shoot

• You will be guided throughout the shoot and instructed how to pose.

• As the shoot progresses, more blood gets added and the process gets very messy and gory.

• All the makeup and fake blood is completely safe. The blood is sugar-based and fully edible allowing for plenty of drooling.

the ring makeup the ring
You will be guided how to pose
If you have flexible limbs, we will make use of them!

Clean up

• At the end of the shoot you can clean up. Everything is harmless but certain parts might pull on your skin like a sticking plaster, or leave small traces of skin glue behind which will need to be washed off.

• You will be able to wash in the studio. Everything comes off pretty easily and you will be able to go home in fairly clean condition, although you might need a shower when you get home.

After the shoot makeup removal
After the shoot is over
Removing makeup is part of the fun

The photos

• Horrify Me conducts very comprehensive portrait shoots to really make the most of your session.

• You will do a variety of poses. There will be creepy supernatural poses, crawling, scary lighting effects, and many scary set ups. The process is great fun and the photos look like real horror movie stills.

the ring portrait the ring portrait
Creative use of long hair
Creepy use of eyes
the ring portrait the ring portrait
Spooky lighting techniques
Flexible limbs (optional)
the ring portrait the ring portrait
Great shoot for contortionists
Very creey shoot for children
Age Limits

• Age 10 and over only.

If you intend to bring children to this shoot then please read this page.


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